Doula Money $$$

Welcome to our website!

What is Doula Money all about?!

We have 5 main goals for our doulas reaching out to us!

  1. Creating a doula circle support group - more information coming soon!

  2. Offering our books and doula contracts and such for sale for doulas - main book "Doing Business the Doula Way - 3rd edition"

  3. Free stuff area - we will have some things doulas can grab for free and our Doula Money - Doing Business the Doula Way Facebook group is always open to doulas!

  4. Building a community and networking - that's an important part of being a doula. So, that's what we are offering to you - join our Facebook group as part of that community. Link:

  5. Offering a "Doula Academy" and Doula Business classes - see pages for more information!

Updates - we are kind of taking a break for the holidays, and our plan is to release the business academy in the new year!

We have the Doula Business Course available now: This class which is great for new beginning doulas or doulas who feel stuck and want to get started more on their doula business! Go to this page to learn about the Doula Business course!


Also, we are starting a podcast - it will be a co-exist podcast with Sacred Sisters doula - so that's the official name of the podcast. Here's our first episode about the doula circle....