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Doulaing for the Holidays part 2 - Mothering the Mother for Christmas/holiday season

11/24/2022 - sorry if this is not finished i'll come back later to finish it!!! 

Welcome to Doulaing for the Holidays part 2 blog:

This blog post is for the mothers and doulas too. Mamas if you are worried about your baby's birth esp. around the holidays and possible inductions, etc. Get yourself a doula advocate hired to help you through this journey. Second, make sure you have a good birth plan or "birth wishes" as one of my friends calls it. You can make a Visual birth plan as well. I suggest having a written one and visual birth plan. A visual birth plan is basically pictures of things you want done or not done during labor and birth. Keeping it simple a visual guide is easier for the hospital staff, nurses, doctors to follow. The written one can have extra details in it as well. Now, not every birth goes to plan, but at least you have your wishes written down. 

Doulaing for the Holidays?  November 14-15, 2022 

Hi, I haven't had a chance to write a blog post lately - so the holidays are right around the corner and in fact it snowed here! What fun! Gets you in the mood for holiday cheer! 

So, what is it like to do doula work around the holidays? What are things that might come up?

Inductions! That is a big thing that may come up more often. The doctors are not having the mother's best interest in mind. They want to sell the idea of getting the baby out before Christmas instead of waiting for baby to come on his/her own timing. So, if you have a client due in December, make sure she knows her "informed consent" when it comes to inductions. Be more prepared to fight this (esp. if that is what your client wants to have a natural birth) then this is one thing you both can fight together. Gather all the evidence based research (in fact go to Evidence Based Birth(c) if you want more info about inductions). Make sure your client's doctor knows she does not want an induction. Make sure he/she is agreeable. Then let nature takes its course and yes it is OK to have a baby on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - Jesus was born on that day - why not share that day with Jesus' birth?! (Hey, I am Christian so please excuse if you are not into this). 

After the baby arrives (on his/her own timing), celebrate your client's birth with an extra special gift for her birthing around the holidays. If your client is Christian, you may want to gift them a special Christmas onesie for the baby for instance! Get creative for your gift giving for clients! If your baby is Jewish, I am sure the mom may enjoy something along that theme as well. 

Anyway, just remember to stand your ground when it comes to holidays and doulaing! Inductions should only be done for real true reasons, not because of the holidays!

By Julie Larsen 

Twins! All about them!

October 4th, 2022 Blog

Today, I wanted to write about twins (and this can apply to other multiple pregnancies).

I have a friend on FB - won't name names or anything - but she is pregnant with twins - so exciting!

I also started reading a book about a mother pregnant with Quads - yes that is four babies. In this book, the mother is even pressured to terminate 2 of the quads - but she refuses - and they all come out just fine. She actually goes to a special hospital far from home and stays at a Ronald McDonald house near the hospital till she goes into labor around 31 weeks - she has them by C-section and they all come out OK. She has 3 boys and a girl. The book title is Arise and Shine by Julianne Kirkland.

OK, so what is a twin pregnancy? How many types of twins can there be anyway?

Identical Twins:

"The National Library of Medicine says that monozygotic, or identical, twins are conceived from one fertilized egg. This egg separates into two embryos after it has begun to divide. These two embryos develop into two babies."

Non-Identical Twins or Fraternal Twins:

Just what it says - the twins do not match and can be girl/boy twins for instance.

A possible third type:

Polar Twins: Traditionally, the science around twins has taught that identical and fraternal are the only two types. But a third type might exist, called polar body or half-identical twins.

Though this has never been confirmed, a research review from 2016 suggested that a third twin type would explain why some fraternal twins look so similar.

After the ovaries release an egg, the egg can split into two halves, the smaller of which is called a polar body. This polar body contains all the chromosomes necessary to join with a sperm to create a baby. But since it usually contains very little fluid, or cytoplasm, it’s often too small to survive.

It’s possible, though, that a polar body could survive and be fertilized. Meanwhile, the larger half of the original egg could also be fertilized by a separate sperm. The result? Polar twins.

Polar twins share the same chromosomes from their birthing parent, but they get different chromosomes from their non-birthing parent. This is because they’re created from a single egg but two separate sperm.

For this reason, they may or may not be assigned the same sex at birth, and they may look very similar but not exactly identical." From this article:

Another style of twins - called "Mirror Twins":

Mirror twins are exactly what they sound like! These twins are actual mirror images of each other. This means that:

What causes this phenomenon? In a typical identical twin pregnancy, an egg splits during its first week after fertilization. But in a mirror twin pregnancy, the egg splits 7 to 12 days after it’s been fertilized — long enough for the egg to have developed a right and a left side. Source again:

Conjoined twins are a rare twin type in which the two siblings are physically connected. Typically, conjoined twins are joined together at the chest or abdomen, but this varies. Some conjoined twins are connected to a greater extent than others. Most share at least one vital organ. Though physically attached to each other, conjoined twins are two individuals. They have unique thoughts and their own personalities.

Besides types of above twins - there are twins who share a placenta or have their own individual one, etc.

Here are the types of placentas and twins:

Dichorionic Diamniotic -­ Two placentas, two amniotic sacs, two babies.

Monochorionic Diamniotic­ - Single placenta, two amniotic sacs, two babies. You will have one large placenta that can sometimes be peanut shaped.

Monochorionic Monoamniotic­ - One placenta, one amniotic sac, two babies. Commonly referred to as "momo" twins. This type of twin pregnancy is considered high risk. Because of the umbilical cord insertions points, it is unlikely that both babies would survive a vaginal birth. Momo twins are usually delivered via c­ section between 34-­36 weeks.

So, if you are a doula and helping with a twin pregnancy - we hope this article informs you a little more about what the various types are. If you are a mom expecting twins - congratulations! We may do an article about breastfeeding in near future and look at that for tips on breastfeeding twins. We hope you or anyone pregnant with twins will enjoy reading this article and getting a little more information!

What's a doula?  What are benefits of hiring a doula?

Sept. 23-2022

The word "doula" comes from Greek meaning "servant." As servants to mothers, a doula offers physical, comfort, emotional and even spiritual support for pregnancy and postpartum.

What are the benefits of doulas? Evidence Based Birth® shares these proven benefits of working with a doula that we just love seeing:

There's even benefit to having a doula who is "observing" status only - according to another article located here:

Let's talk a little bit more about the type of support you receive when having a doula:

Physical support: The doula is there to get you in different positions, because having a baby on your back is the worst way to birth. Having movement gets that baby to come on down!

Comfort support: The doula is there to make sure you are comfortable. Ever heard of Orgasmic birth? Well, it is possible to have no pain or little pain during childbirth. Having a doula knowledgeable about ice, heat, birth ball, positions, rebozo Mexican shawl, etc. will help ease those labor pains!

Emotional support? Yes, your doula will cheerleader you on through your birthing marathon race to the "finish line" of having a baby in your arms!

Spiritual support? If you are a spiritual person, then I am sure your doula can help with the spiritual side. This also can be letting go of fears to praying!

Now a little bit about hiring a new doula vs. seasoned or somewhere in between? Well, there are new doulas who are just starting out. They need to get their "feet wet" so to speak - so don't be afraid to hire a new doula. Just be clear on what you want or not want done during labor and I am sure that doula will be helpful and respectful of your wishes. Also, sometimes a new doula doesn't charge a lot - so that's good for anyone with a low budget.

What about a seasoned doula? Yes, seasoned doulas - who have had around 100 births or more are great to hire because they do have experience - however, sometimes booking the experienced doula means you have to book early and quickly - as soon as you find yourself pregnant and considering a doula - you may want to book for your birth early and not wait till the last minute. (Last minute meaning like a month or two ahead of time). Seasoned doulas will be most likely charging the higher prices.

In between doulas are also great, perhaps they have gone to a few births, but haven't quite reached a landmark of 100 births - these doulas are still great to work with; they may still make rooky mistakes, but they will still be great doulas and they may charge less. So, if you are looking for not a new doula, and maybe someone with some experience- consider hiring a doula with less than 100 births because this might be just the right fit for you and your budget!

If you are not sure about a doula and her experience, just reach out to the doula and schedule a free consultation. Most doulas take free consults and this is a great way to see if you connect well with the doula or not. Most doulas kind of have a key thing they like to do to help mamas. Maybe, one doula loves doing massages while another one loves rebozo. So, what techniques are you wanting for your birth? What will help you relax the best?

Also, there are doulas who offer hypnosis techniques. I personally have done the Hypnobabies Doula course and it was a great class - though it has been awhile since I have done this with a client. Hypnobabies is not for every mama client - so respect the mama's choices on what she wants for her birth.

Anyway, I hope this blog helps mamas know more about various options for doulas and hiring a doula based on experience may or may not work. I just hope pregnant mamas out there will give new or less seasoned doulas a chance too!

We are going to make a Birthing Guide for Mamas - some tips for relaxing and affirmation cards will be in that - so look for that and or email about this!

This blog post is by Julie Larsen, author of Doing Business the Doula Way and runs

September 20, 2022

Blog about Self-Care and doulaing...

My back went out this week, and I wanted to talk about self-care and doulaing!

We take care of families and mothers and babies, but do we take care of ourselves? 

If your body is telling you to slow down- then maybe that's what you need to do - slow down.

Self-care tips:

Make at least a short daily routine - brush your hair extra long, take a nice bath in bubbles, or just take a nap. Choose something that doesn't take too much time. Weekly, get a massage or chiropractic adjustment - or whatever your body needs to stay in alignment more. For me it seems chiropractic works best. However, I like a good massage once in awhile too. 

Another self-care idea - go for short walks around your neighborhood - hey, you might find someone pregnant! Anyway, take time to enjoy nature. 

As far as finding clients go - for one short tip - get on a midwifery referral list. They are more likely to refer clients to doulas!

What are you going to do today for self-care?

And stop worrying - that is not good for your body - if you have worries - practice some breathing exercises!

Another thing you might want to consider is having essential oils from Simply Earth on hand. This oil company is a non-MLM and great place to get organic or natural oils: 

Another thing you might consider is taking an herbal class to learn more about herbs for your clients. (Taking classes can be fun and self-care!)

We recommend Hart Soul Healing's Mama Herbal course: 

All for today's blog - check back soon for more. Thanks! 

Money ideas for Doulas!!

Extra ideas outside the box!

September 15, 2022 post

I thought I would continue our "Money mindset" idea by talking about Making Money ideas for doulas!

You do not have to doula for everyone in order to make money - of course that is our main "gig" to work with mamas as a birth doula or postpartum doula, etc. 

Have you thought about fertility doula? What's that? A fertility doula would help mamas with learning about their fertility. This might be a great gig also for helping teens who are just starting to have cycles - so fertility doula doesn't mean the person wants to get pregnant yet - it could be just helping someone understand cycles, charting, etc. A fertility doula can also help mamas know optimal fertility times if she is wanting to get pregnant! Also, a fertility doula could help someone avoid pregnancy by learning optimal signs to avoid getting pregnant. So, it works either way. In order to obtain these skills - you can learn and enroll in this class Magnificat Fertility doula course here's that link to get free information:

Our next money making idea is the rebozo! Teaching mamas on how to use it for their labor and birth. 

What is a rebozo? 

A rebozo is a Mexican shawl.

How can a shawl help mothers in labor or postpartum?

A rebozo helps mothers as a tool to help stop some of the discomfort and pain of laboring. Postpartum the rebozo is a tool for bone closing ceremony and holding the baby. 

Short story: A friend of mine did not believe that rebozo would do much to help her laboring. However, she wanted to give it a try anyway, so she attended level A and B workshops when we were doing them "live" online. This friend went on to have her baby. She wrote me back testifying this: "The rebozo was an amazing tool to help my labor. I couldn't believe it! However, when I was having some hard contractions my partner/husband came to the rescue by tying the rebozo around my hips and doing the double hip squeeze. I am so amazed by the rebozo that I now recommend getting one (rebozo) to all my pregnant friends. Thank you so much for helping us have such a great birth experience!" - Ashley. 

Another testimony: "I had less pain in my laboring this time using the rebozo; I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to attend." Maria. 

Annette writes, "I loved watching the authentic Mexican history video. It didn't bother me that it was in Spanish - just watching the rhythm of labor and use of rebozo helped me understand how the rebozo can be used in so many ways."

The power of this rebozo tool is in your hands by taking our workshop!

What is included in our workshop when you purchase?

You receive amazing videos from Level A and Level B workshops. We are gifting you all the workshops we have done this year. Also, you receive any future add-ons for free - so we will be adding in Level C postpartum rebozo at some point. If you enroll now, you will not be charged any extra for that workshop worth $99 alone! It is like getting a free workshop when we are ready to add it! 

Next you receive all PDF modules for Level A and B and your bonus Workbook to fill out for your certificate. If you do both levels your certificate will have both levels A and B on it. Once we get the third workshop - you can opt-in to certify for that one too.

We also hope to add in extra things as we have time. If you want a video of a particular rebozo technique let us know - we will add it. 

Buy now for only $99 plus fee = $106 total - we usually charge more just for one workshop!! And you are going to have immediate access to two workshops plus another one coming soon for free!!!

Register here at:

Rebozo shawl is not included in price of class- you can ask us to order one for you for extra fee.  

OK, so, we hope these money making ideas will help you get started on doing more with your doula business. We will probably have a part 2 on these ideas next week.

Until then - thank you for watching our blog! 

Money Mindset - September 5, 2022

OK, so I am borrowing these money secret tips from my friend Joe Vitale - he has a bigger book titled "Secrets of Attracting Money" if you want to read more!

#1 Give money away! I know this one sounds a bit crazy for our first tip. But don't you feel better when you help other people out? I'll give an example - true story: I was at Whole Foods parking lot and I saw a couple with a child there. The man was playing the violin (attracted me to them instantly) - it was so beautiful - he was playing that son "Hallelujah!" Well, of course I threw something into his violin case (first time ever!) It was exciting to help someone out! 

#2 Get Clear: This is a practice that Joe explains more into detail in his book - but the basic idea is clearing your beliefs about money that are not helping you attract it to begin with. You probably grew up hearing expressions like "money is root of all evil" or whatever the case maybe. He suggests writing down - what is the "positive benefit" for having this thought? So, you say well it "protects me from being hurt". Then you ask what is the positive benefit from the above saying? Then you see it "keeps you safe" (supposedly), etc. You will figure out after awhile that you are not really benefiting from this belief at all. So, then you let it go. For me, I'd probably throw out that piece of paper and maybe write down some positive aspects of money. But anyway, I hope this gives you an idea on how to clear your beliefs about money. I suggest doing this once a day or once a week. 

#3 Secret: Take Action NOW about money or ideas, etc. 

So, like you have an idea then write it down and take action now if you can! Or write down steps of action taking. Taking action now will help you get more money! 

#4 Support a Cause: Sometimes people do not like having money without a cause to give to. Well, this is a win-win for you and others. If you have a cause and reason to give - then you can support this cause. Mr. Joe Vitale started a program to stop homelessness. He was homeless at one time and he had a passion to help stop this. So, helps other people in similar situations! You don't have to make your own "cause" up though. Perhaps, you have a cause because you beat cancer - then you can support a cancer association for instance. So, write down a meaningful cause that you want to support.

#5 Get Support.

If you are wanting to bring more money into your life, having a coach can help. Also, friends that share the same ideas. A spouse or friend that can be there for emotional support. In other words a "doula for the doula" in our case as doulas! LOLOL :) 

#6 Be Grateful - Gratitude

Take time each day to be grateful about something. Thank God for it! Write it down what you are grateful for. Because having a joyful gratitude kind of attitude will bring about more money to you!

#7 Do What you love!

What would you do if you had all the money you needed, all the cars you wanted to drive, the house you wanted to live in...etc. 

#8 Elevate Your Thinking

Think like a Millionaire.

#9 Problems Create Opportunities 

I'll write more about the later two another time - but I think this blog post will be helpful for doulas!