Fall-Winter Blog

Halloween Time: Get started on a Mini-Class for your doula business! 

Are leaves falling near you? We have all our leaves changing colors - finally! I love this time of year with the weather changing and time to consider what we are doing for rest of year as doulas and finding clients, etc. Perhaps you are booked up till next year, that's great news too! I don't know why for me it is a slower time of year. I guess many people are busy with the "holidays" from Halloween to Christmas. But babies are always being born! 

So, let's say you are a doula like me finding this the "slow time of year". What can you do to get a few dollars in your pocket?! Also, I hear alot about doulas getting "burned out" and don't want to continue. Perhaps, this blog will help give you other ideas to do instead of just birth doula or postpartum work. 

First of all, you could offer some mini classes for parents. Do you have Rebozo skills? Do you have a special technique you would like to share with parents? Perhaps you know alot about C-section prevention and VBAC?! Write down your talents and what ideas you can come up with for a mini class for parents to learn. 

Second, OK, let's say you have chosen that VBAC informative class! Now, time to find your mini-class parents. Perhaps you have worked with some families in the past that had C-sections and are curious about VBAC or you could go to your local hospital and ask them if you could do a presentation or class there! Other places would be advertise at chiropractors offices, etc. Find a location you want to do your class at and then advertise it as well. 

Third, OK, where to advertise (besides what we suggested above). You could put something in the local newspaper or bulletin boards as well as online groups. If the class is donation based - or what are you charging? Make sure it is clear on advertising what you want to charge for the class. 

Fourth, Take time to answer any phone calls or messages about the class. Make sure you set a date and time that will work for you. Let's say you have a couple of people or more - great! Did you have time to plan what you are going to present? Plan the class at this time as well! 

Fifth, Give your class - the day has arrived - go to your planned location - let's say you got the hospital to agree to let you use a room - set up your room. Are you using a laptop for presenting? Do they have a big screen? Take advantage of technology for your class. Make sure your family has pre-paid or can pay at the door for the class. Be welcoming. Have a little "favor" or something like a door prize to give out too! Make the mini-class fun! 

What did you earn? Let's say you charge $50 a person how many showed up? You got 4 show up - Wow - $200! Take time to thank whoever came to your class. 

Anyway, I hope this gives you some ideas on how to get some ideas for your slow time of year - start offering classes locally and your business will pickup! 

Another tip, during trick-or-treating - you can advertise your business pretty much for free - each kid that comes to your door - put a little small business card or something into their candy bag! Their parents will see it and learn more about you as a business! Now, go have some Halloween doula fun!